Why You're a Bitch During the Full Moon


On April 19, 2019, there will be a full moon is in the sign of Libra. It will also be a pink moon (it won’t actually be pink); April’s full moon is always named the pink moon because of the pink flowers that bloom during this time of year.

Now, if you’re skeptical about astrology (most people are), then I’m going to clear up a few things for you, namely: 1)why you should care about the lunar cycle, and 2)why you don’t have to be a witch to want to know how the full moon in Libra will affect you.

#1 Why You Should Care about the Lunar Cycle


There is order in the universe, even it, at times, it feels chaotic. Our lives mirror that of nature, insofar as all of life takes place in cycles. We can look to the seasons to see how there is a time when leaves fall from trees and everything is covered in frost, only to find that life blooms again in the spring. During winter, animals seek to hibernate. We crave the coziness of nesting, as we become hungrier and we want to rest more.

We can look to women’s bodies and see how menstrual cycles are natural, how our bodies are programmed to be in a state of constant preparation for child-bearing. These cycles affect not just our bodies, but our emotions, and oftentimes, our pain body is triggered; repressed issues and feelings we haven’t dealt with rise to the surface for the purpose of being healed. There is a rhythm to our menstrual cycle - a building up of the lining of the uterus, followed by a shedding.

Similarly, the moon’s phases are cyclical, and while we want to believe that we are separate from all of the cosmos, we are not. We are one with nature, and just as the seasons affect us, so do the lunar cycles. The more knowledgeable you are about the lunar cycles, the better equipped you’ll be in life; think of astrological reports, then, as a roadmap to help you navigate your relationships, discover why you’re feeling certain emotions, and guide you as to the next step you can take in your life.

#2 How will the full moon in libra affect you?


Full moons are a great time of release, of cleansing. They provide clarity, because whatever blocks, limiting beliefs, or negative patterns that you have will come to the surface. It can feel disorienting, like you are being flung into chaos. All of a sudden, you get into a fight with your boyfriend, and you want to quit your job? You’re frustrated, because you read The Alchemist, and you thought that all of the universe was conspiring in your favor. Relax, it is!

Full moons are a time when you become aware of deep truths, most notably what’s blocking you from stepping into the energy of your Highest Self and fulfilling your potential. This can cause you to feel erratic, which, in turn, can cause you to act erratic. Much like when you’re PMS’ing, full moons can make you act like a bitch.

Here’s the key: Whatever realization you’re having at this time, you need to honor it. If you’re frustrated with your roommate, tired of being overweight, or feeling disappointed with yourself for procrastinating taking steps towards pursuing passion projects, then now is the perfect time to listen to what the full moon is telling you.

In other words, don’t fight it. Let the universe help you to release whatever blocks are coming up.

This is also a great time to focus on self-care. Be extra mindful about how you talk to yourself. Has your inner-critic been going off lately? Have you been too hard on yourself, expecting perfection and then beating yourself up when you don’t meet your high standards? Be willing to give yourself a break. Take some time for yourself during full moons. Stay in and take a long bath. Put on your fuzziest socks, give yourself a face mask, and eat something delicious. Write out all of the things you love about yourself. Play some mellow music. Try Bonobo. If you feel like you’re going crazy, because your life is falling apart, be sure to read When Life Feels Hard.

So, if you’re aware that the full moon is going to trigger you, causing you to look at things in your life or in your own psyche that you need to release, because they’re no longer serving you, then the path of least resistance would suggest that you take a breath, and let the full moon work it’s magic. Don’t try to fight it. Don’t wonder why it feels like your world is falling apart. Instead, thank the full moon for showing you all of the parts of you that are not in alignment with your Spirit.

Try this handy-dandy prayer: Thank you universe for showing me what’s no longer serving me. Thank you for helping me to see the parts of myself that are less than loving. Thank you for helping me to see where I need to grow and open my heart more.

As you learn to embrace the power of the full moon, you will recognize that everything that’s coming up for you (although it may make you feel crazy) is all for the purpose of nudging you along your life’s path. Conversely, full moon or not, you might just be a bitch. If that’s the case, be sure to read Odds Are, You’re a Bitch & You Don’t Even Know It.

Either way, there is a time to shed your leaves and a time to welcome in new life, new manifestations. Let the lunar cycle do its job and prune you of bad attitudes, negative patterns, and people who are holding you back from your destiny. Let it all go and revel in the feeling of relief.



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