Why Spirituality is Cool

The term spirituality, particularly when speaking about new age spirituality, often connotes images of people who are far-out and on the fringe, swathed in layers of crystals, practicing rituals such as collecting moon water and dancing barefoot in the desert while chanting. It’s easy to feel like you can’t reveal your spiritual side at the work place, or amongst your friends, lest you be judged as “out there,” someone who’s lovable, but just a little too out of the box for some.

Now, while I’m never averse to chanting (and there are some surprising uses for moon water!) spirituality is not nearly as bizarre or elusive as most people would believe. Actually, unequivocally cool as shit.

Consider this: The human condition is one of constantly wanting more and experiencing lack and self-doubt. There is an energy in all of us - our egos - that self-sabotages, likes to harp on what’s not working, and pushes away love. We know we should eat healthier and shop less, but we can’t seem to break negative patterns. We say we want a healthy relationship, but we keep choosing unavailable partners. We say we want to love ourselves, but we can’t find the off button to our negative mental chatter. 

Here’s the key: We cannot escape the self-imprisonment that is the mind until we are willing to evolve out of our biological programming. The antidote to the fearful condition that, oftentimes, feels inescapable, is a willingness to connect with spirit.

And let’s get real, what’s cooler than that?

Consider Plato’s allegory of the cave. On one hand, humanity feels trapped, stuck in a cave, staring at the wall; on the other hand, there’s nothing holding us in that cave. If we would simply turn around, we could see that it is solely our decision to sit helpless, staring at the wall. The light leading out of the cave was always pouring in, so what exactly has kept us from seeing it?

You settle for less.

The spiritual path is not about giving up all desires. That’s the old-school ascetic model, which delineates between the physical and spiritual world. Rather, the spiritual path is about seeking out what really matters first and foremost; when we awaken, we want to be more loving and remove any blocks or fearful thoughts we hold; we want to forgive, act generously, and show up for life authentically. We attract others who are equally as open, loving, and honest.

When we are ruled by our egos, we listen to what the world teaches us, which is that life is all about buying a fancy house, getting an attractive partner, and taking an expensive trip once or twice a year. We think these things really matter, and we believe that they are the ultimate source of our happiness! We do whatever it takes to become successful, attractive, and likable. We think these things will bring us joy, but for some reason, we still don’t feel satisfied. Our happiness is fleeting. We get a new job and feel excited, but months later, the luster has worn off. We meet someone new and experience a high, but three months into the relationship, we’re fighting and stirring up drama.

Our emotional lives are a rollercoaster. When we are missing that spiritual connection, we have no control of whether we wake up blissful or depressed. We believe we are victims to circumstances: traffic, an unfair world, or a partner who can’t quite seem to give us exactly what we need, but here’s why spirituality is cool, because we need something altogether different.

The Answer: Shift your self-concept.

Since I’ve started on my spiritual journey, my entire life has transformed, and I’ve been happier than ever.

Since I’ve started on my spiritual journey, my entire life has transformed, and I’ve been happier than ever.

When you are willing to abandon the programming you received from your parents, childhood, and culture, when you are willing to turn off the television, put down your phone for ten minutes, sit, and simply open up to the divine presence that is always there, just waiting for you to tune in, you recognize that you’ve been settling for less. You realize that peace, fulfillment, and love were always present, waiting for you to wake up, to claim them.

Spirituality shifts your very concept of self (as well as the world). All of a sudden, when you awaken, you’re no longer interested in conforming, pleasing others, and creating a life that matches what your friends post on social media. Rather, you become aware that there is physical, as well as a nonphysical part of you.

You start to learn that you can develop your intuition and psychic awareness. You gain access to intuitive guidance, which tells you specifically what you need to do, or shift in your life, in order to manifest. Your heart center begins to open, and you become aware of how the nonstop thinking and has kept you from feeling. Waves of gratitude hit you, and you are overcome with a joy so profound that it makes you weep.

You try to convey your experience to others, but all words seem to fall short of the experience; they are simply signposts to the divine. They point somewhere inexplicable. It’s pure magic, but you only find it when you’re willing to look.

When you get on a spiritual path, you become bolder and more confident. When you merely identify as a body and an ego (your personality self), you are overcome by fear. When you have to speak up at a meeting, go on a job interview, or confess your love for someone you adore, fear grips you, telling you lies like you’re not good enough, or, somehow, you’ll mess up. 

When you recognize that a large part of you is nonphysical and that you are a spirit having a human experience, you begin to trust that you are being led. You can feel the presence of a divine, loving energy that accompanies you on your path. When it looks like things are not working out, you trust that there is a lesson to be learned, and instead of worrying or becoming disappointed, you grow and redirect your attention.

Life becomes easier.

So, why on earth would you not want to begin your spiritual journey? Do you not like joy, love, or abundance? Does the concept of feeling peaceful and easy every day scare you? Do you cringe at the thought of cultivating a generosity of spirit, or letting go of judgments and resentments? If you can’t imagine your life getting any better, because every facet of it is absolutely perfect, then you definitely shouldn’t consider meditating, opening up to intuitive guidance through prayer, or reading my other articles, such as How to be Grateful When Life is Shitty, Stop Trying to Find Yourself, or How to Have the Grace to Handle Anything, but if you’re willing to feel more peace, contentment, and clarity than you ever have before - if you’re willing to up your coolness quota - then consider starting your spiritual journey today.



Hi, I’m Jessie! I’ve been on the spiritual path for 15 years, and this blog is where I share mindful dating advice, thoughts on awakening & lessons I’ve learned. If you’re interested in setting up a coaching session (more about that here) send me a message.