How to Forgive Anyone


If you want to know how to forgive, then that’s a surefire sign that you are awakening. While most people cling to their anger and resentments, because they don’t want to let the person who hurt them off the hook, you’re at a place where you’ve realized that you must forgive, not to benefit that person who treated you poorly, but because you no longer want to carry around the pain anymore. 

In order to forgive anyone (for anything), you must reach a point in your life where you’re fed up with being angry, sad, and close-hearted. You must decide that you want to forgive, not because what that person did was okay, but because you have too many beautiful things to manifest in your life, and you can’t do it if your heart is filled with resentments.

Here’s the key: In order to forgive anyone, you must shift your thinking from, I’m letting this person off the hook, to I’m no longer carrying the weight of anger and resentment, because it’s simply too heavy. 

Forgiveness comes naturally when you are in alignment with your Spirit. It comes when you recognize that you can choose your thoughts, and you make a commitment to choosing only loving ones. It comes when you’re ready to reach the next level in your life, and you become aware that the only way to get there is by forgiving, and ultimately, releasing your past.

You cannot fulfill your dreams and manifest a life that you love if you are carrying the weight of resentment. You must choose to forgive, because you want to live a life filled with peace, ease, and beauty. You’re not doing it for the other person. You’re doing it for you. 

#1 Align Your Thoughts with Spirit

If you want to perceive a person or situation differently, you must learn how to redirect your thoughts. Whenever you become present to negative or fearful mind chatter, stop, and choose thoughts that feel better. For example, if your mind starts to go off on a tangent about how someone did you wrong, as soon as you realize that you’ve spent eight minutes having a conversation with him or her in your mind, simply choose a better thought. 

If this feels difficult, you can start with a mantra, such as, I choose peace. If you have to say it a hundred times, or five thousand times, repeat it as many times is necessary for you to stop the train of angry thoughts.

Take control of your thoughts, and you’ll take control of your life. Don’t let your mind run the show. Don’t let the voice of fear stop you from manifesting a life that you love, because you’ve been hurt in the past.

Choose to focus on the present moment. Choose to focus on what is working in your life. Choose love.

Further, you don’t want to only focus on affirming spiritual truths. You also want to stop feeding your mind negative ideas and images. This means you want to stop watching reality television shows where people are mean to each other, backstab, or act in a way that is not loving. You want to stop watching movies or television shows that perpetuate fear, the idea that there is an “enemy” we must fight, or that encourage people to look the same way, think the same way, and behave the same way. You must step out of your conditioned mind and choose to align with Spirit.

Choosing thoughts that are higher-vibrating, meaning, they come from love, not fear, will radically transform your life. It won’t happen instantaneously, but if you commit to filling your mind with spiritual truths and affirmations instead of the fearful thoughts you pick up from television, social media, and even family and friends, you will find that you naturally become the best version of yourself. One day, you’ll wake up to find that you’ve dropped the painful story from your past. Why? Because you’ve changed your thoughts, which is the first step to changing your life.

#2 Commit to a Spiritual Practice

It can be difficult to forgive someone instantly (unless you experience a revelation); instead, you want to become the sort of person who finds it easy to forgive. 

Here’s the secret to forgiveness: You want to shift from believing that the other person should change, apologize, or express remorse. Instead, focus on changing yourself. Use the pain you feel from the hurtful event as sandpaper; let it buff away the rough parts of you, the parts of your personality that are angry, resentful, or caught in fear. Let your pain transform you. 

That person who hurt you was a gift; he or she taught you forgiveness. Come to a place where you are willing to be the sort of person who can say thank you, instead of I hate you. You can reach a certain level of consciousness where your heart is so open that you bless people you once hated. When you commit to a spiritual practice, such as prayer and meditation, it changes you completely over time. All of a sudden, you find it difficult to think hateful or angry thoughts. All of a sudden, you have only love to give. When you commit to the spiritual path, you will be freed of all of your grievances. It will be effortless and natural. 

#3 Ask for Guidance

One of my favorite prayers is, God give me the grace to fill-in-the-blank. It gives me a great feeling of relief to know that I don’t need to do anything on my own. There is a part of my personality that is angry, wants to hold onto resentments, and clings to sadness. It’s not my job to figure out how to change that part of me. I simply have to ask for guidance. Here’s a simple prayer you can use: 

God/Universe/Source, I am willing to see things differently. I am willing to choose only loving thoughts. I am willing to see all through your eyes.

Take the pressure off yourself. No one expects you to become a zen monk overnight. Simply be willing to change, even if you don’t know how.

Forgiveness comes the moment you are willing to let go of the pain and sadness you’ve been carrying. Remember: You’re not saying that what the other person did to you was okay; you’re simply saying that you are willing to let go of the anger for your own sake, because you deserve a life filled with peace and joy. All that it takes is the smallest amount of willingness to drop the narrative that keeps replaying in your mind about the past and to choose peace instead. Forgive because you want a light heart. Forgive because it’s easier to forgive than to carry the weight of the actions of others for your entire life. Choose to free yourself.



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