How to Think Like God


If you want to think like God, because you know that your perception creates reality, and you’re ready to create an awesome one, then it’s as easy as making a simple choice. You see, there are two ways of perceiving any given moment: 1)through the eyes of your ego, (which includes programming you received from childhood and messages from the media and culture), and 2)through the eyes of spirit, (which includes the evolution of consciousness, learning life lessons, and getting you on track with your soul’s path). 

Here’s what I mean: Imagine that you got into a car accident. To perceive that situation solely through the eyes of the ego means that you worry about how much the damage is going to cost, you feel upset, because you judge the accident as a negative event, or something that shouldn’t have happened, and maybe it upset other people, too, like your husband, or your parents. You have to deal with insurance, visiting a mechanic, and paying more than you’d like to get the dents out of the side of your car. To the ego, getting into a car accident really throws a wrench into how your ego wants your life to go (which is to never face obstacles, or hard times).

Now, you can also perceive the situation through the eyes of your spirit. If you are in the habit of meditating and listening to intuitive guidance, you might realize that you’ve been a little impatient on the road. You might sense that this smaller accident was a sign, a wake up call, a gift even - that you are given an opportunity to be more cautious so as to not get into a much larger accident.

Alternatively, you might have been complaining about your “crummy car,” not appreciating it, and so you manifested an accident that actually wrecked this thing you did not even want in your life at all. It could mean that you are way off course in your life, that you have dreams of being an artist, but you work as an accountant, and your life is way off course. It could mean any number of things; the point is, the accident was a blessing, and it wasn’t random. It was meant to teach you something, or to redirect you, but you’ll never be able to receive that information from spirit if you are only willing to perceive life through the eyes of your ego.


Just a few weeks ago, I lost my cell phone. This doesn’t seem like too big a deal, unless you’ve lost your cell phone, and then you realize that your entire life - photos, bank passwords, private texts and e-mails, are all stored on your phone. Moments after losing my cell phone, I got an intuitive feeling (that still, small voice inside told me) that it was because I was overwhelmed in general. I’d been so busy lately (more so than is healthy for my emotional well-being), and I wasn’t listening to my spirit, which had been telling me to slow down.

After running around my neighborhood, scanning the streets and retracing my steps, I went home and prayed. I told spirit that I got the lesson and I was at peace with it. I settled into my couch, calm again, and decided that it wasn’t a big deal; I was willing to let go of the cell phone. I thanked the universe for sending me the message. 

I’d also been receiving messages to trust my intuition. The week before, when leaving for a weekend trip, I felt a pang in my gut when my partner, Tim, told me to bring the new AirPods he bought me on the trip. I felt a sensation in my stomach, and I quickly replied, “If I bring them to Philadelphia, they’re going to get lost.” He told me that there was no way we would lose them, and so I thought I was being unjustifiably fearful. Sure enough, the AirPods were stole by a valet the second day of our trip. I wasn’t upset at all, because I knew that Spirit had warned me. It was my fault for not listening.

The night before losing my cell phone, Tim sent me a sweet video, which I saved. I got that gut feeling again; this time, that still, small voice said, Back up your photos and videos. You’d be really upset it you lost all of them. It repeated it three times, but I was so tired (and backing up my phone didn’t feel like the most fun way to spend my evening), so I didn’t listen. After losing my phone, it occurred to me that I wasn’t listening to my intuitive guidance, and spirit was showing me that I knew more than I was willing to recognize. As I sat on my couch, I promised spirit that I got the message. I was willing to listen to its cautions. An hour later, I got a text from Tim. Someone in my neighborhood had found my phone and let him know. That night, I got back my cell phone. 

Now, I could have reacted how most people react, which is to think about the cost of a new phone, to complain about my lost photos, how horrible it was to change all of my passwords, and to let that ruin my night, if not, my week, but I knew better. On one level, yes, I would’ve had to spend over $1,000 for a new phone, (which I would have much rather spent on a summer vacation, or new furniture for my home). On one level, it’s not fun changing passwords and calling customer service to make sure that no one’s stolen my identity, or logged into my Capital One account, but those are just pieces of the puzzle, not the whole picture.

I knew that I needed to zoom out and look at the larger picture the pieces formed. I hadn’t been listening to spirit when it told me to rest more, and I hadn’t been trusting my intuition. These lessons were far more important than the money or time. Listening to my intuition could save my life in the future. Making sure that I rested and lived a balanced life could spare me of disease caused from stressed, unhappiness, and living a life fraught with overwhelm. 

Here’s the key: Things happen in life (good and bad). You can perceive them through the eyes of your ego, or your spirit. The way you perceive your reality will impact your emotions, beliefs, and the decisions you make.

If you chose to only perceive through the eyes of your ego, you will react out of fear, frustration, and anger. You will come to believe that the universe is chaotic and dangerous, and you might even start to develop dis-eases, which are symptoms of a frantic and hurt psyched. However, if you are wiling to tune into your intuition, to deepen your connection with spirit, and to get quiet enough that you can hear messages when they come to you, events take on a new meaning. You start to see the blessings in the tragedy. You get glimpses of a larger picture. You see not just what happened in the “real world,” but how it connects to lessons you need to learn, your soul’s purpose, and how everything is interconnected.

There are a few practices that will help you become more attuned to the spiritual world so that you can actually hear your intuitive voice:

 #1 Meditate

When you meditate, you quiet the voice of your ego, and you open up to receiving messages from your spirit. Most people don’t want to meditate, because it doesn’t seem as fun as watching TV, browsing Instagram, or going shopping, however, it’s going to make your life a million times better. Think about meditating the way you think about exercise. You might not want to do it, but do it because it’s good for you, and you want the benefits. 

#2 Pray

You don’t receive intuitive guidance, because you don’t ask for it. All throughout the day, silently ask for guidance. When you aren’t sure how to spend your afternoon, ask. When it’s unclear how you should handle that situation at work, ask. When anger rises up in you and directs you go scream, act passive aggressively, or throw a tantrum, ask how for guidance on how to come to place of peace. Ask what to eat for lunch. Ask who to date. Prayer simply means to open up communicating with the nonphysical world.

#3 Unplug

You can’t hear your intuitive voice because you’re flooding your mind with messages from television, magazines, and social media. You can’t hear your intuitive voice, because you spend four hours on the couch, watching reality television. You can’t hear God because you spend your Saturdays at the food court in the mall. You can’t hear God because you’re attached to a screen, where you’re so busy listening to the messages of the world, not the voice of divine guidance.

It’s your willingness to perceiving life through the eyes of spirit that will contribute to your overall emotional well-being. The speed with which you shift your perception will determine your ability to make peace with even the most challenging of situations, and the more you open up to perceiving life through a spiritual lens, the better your life will get.